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Which Blockmade version would you rather have?


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05/23/2011: Blockmade re-release

We're planning to re-release Blockmade in the near future. We're looking for people's opinions on whether you'd rather we release the original version as it was, or a re-mastered version. Vote on our poll, to the left of this article, and stop by our forums and put in your duce cents.

02/22/2011: We're looking for...

Visual artists, anyone that can draw and especially if you can draw cartoon characters of people. Also, graphics artists. And most of all, looking for a producer that wants to join the team. Always open to female talent, rappers or singers. Open to male singing talent also. If you can do anything music-related or any related field and want to join the team, use the contact form and let us know what you can do.


11/27/2010: DSR update

Been a while since our last update but we're still working on things. Check out new music from our upcoming Signed to the Game compilation and Pistol Cee's new upcoming album on We've also got a new video in the works for the What goes up track on our myspace music player.


4/16/2010: Lefty album in select stores

You can pick up Lefty's debut solo album at Music Zone in Marina, Family Tree in Salinas, Dimples in Sacramento, and Rasputins.


03/29/2010: Lefty album now shipping!

All orders now shipping. Store availability coming in the near future. Album also available on cdbaby for digital download at as well as on itunes, amazon, napster, and other digital download stores.